Wallet frozen for a 100 years for violating the rules of the Picoreteam🥶🥶🥶
Aijaz Ali: He/She has to pay the price of violating the rules
If you have a mainnet wallet, this icon would be in purple, otherwise it would be silver.
Pioneers need to bind the wallet address on PCM, whether you are a seller or a buyer. Please note that is the wallet address, do not paste the mnemonic/passphrase.

This feature will pave the way for the withdrawal function next month.
Please pioneers, give us a price tag that will conform with the consensus value of Pi 💯 🙏🙏
Pi is a great project with the goal of making mining accessible to all, with the centralisation of a generation of digital currencies such as Bitcoin making them inaccessible to everyday users. Thus, unlike other miners, Pi miners will enjoy the benefits of improved accessibility
#Pi Network not only changed the way of cryptocurrency mining
But also changed usage habits and perceptions
Because Pi coin lets the world know that cryptocurrency is not a toy for capital, but a tool to serve humanity!
Pi is still FREE,Missed #BTC   , don't miss Pi again

⚡Every country where many Pioneers are active should have "Pi Network Smart City". 🌆🌃🌇

✨Inside this π Smart City, people should only used or utilized Pi Payment in all transactions! 🤝

🚨Fiat money is not allowed!
Only Pi Coin Payment! 🙋🪙🙋‍♀️
$Pi will become the brightest beacon and its mission is to lead humanity into a new era, the Web 3.0 era.
诺言 314班: 越来越好啦
Pictures of some New Merchants that started accepting Pi Payment recently. Pi Network is getting bigger everyday. Coming weeks will be massive in Pi ecosystem, more big vendors to come on board 🔥

#PiNetworkUpdates #PiPayment #PiConsensus #Bitcoin    $XRP #cryptocurrecy #CryptoNews
⚡In Vietnam again & again! 🇻🇳

Guitar 🎸 was sold using Pi Coin payment! 🪙 Vietnamese Pioneers and Merchants are very very serious in Pi Network!🙋❤️🙋‍♀️

#PiNetworkVietnam 🇻🇳
#PiMerchantsVietnam 🇻🇳
#PiCommunityVietnam 🇻🇳
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#PiCoinVietnam 🇻🇳
Felix Tamakloe : ✊😳